Football Tailgating Fun!

It’s football season and at Village Communities, with amazing condos in Columbus, Ohio, we love football Saturdays and all of the excitement that comes with being a Buckeye (or whatever your favorite team is)! Are you planning to go to the games and tailgate, or have or go to football parties? We’ve got tips and tricks to make your day a success. Hooray for football!

OSU Football Schedule

OSU vs Army Sat. Sept. 16 4:30PM

OSU vs UNLV Sat. Sept. 23 12:00PM

OSU @ Rutgers Sat. Sept. 30th TBD

OSU vs Maryland Sat. Oct 7 TBD

OSU @ Nebraska Sat. Oct. 14 TBD

OSU vs Penn State Sat. Oct. 28 3:30PM

OSU @ Iowa Sat. Nov. 4 TBD

OSU vs Michigan State Sat. Nov. 11 TBD

OSU vs Illinois Sat. Nov. 18 TBD

OSU @ Michigan Sat. Nov 25 12:00PM

Tips & Tricks for Tailgating

  • Arrive early to get the spot set up for you and your guests. You want to eat about 2 hours before the game, so people have time to relax and enjoy the experience, yet still give you time to get cleaned up before the game.
  • Keep all of your tailgating essentials packed and ready for each week. Keep it simple by using a soft sided bag, filled with grill tools, lighter, rubber spatulas, serving spoons, hand wipes and sanitizer, napkins, trash bags, bottle opener, toilet paper, duct tape, and sunscreen.
  • If you have several types of drinks available, label the coolers so guests don’t keep opening them up to find out what’s in them. Freeze water bottles to replace some of the ice, and then have cold water to drink after the game.
  • Pack a large plastic storage bin with plates, etc. Then use it to load up with dirty dishes.
  • If you bring a coal grill, bring a metal bucket for the coals. For gas grills, store an LP tank upright and secured in your car.
  • Use something to mark your spot, like a helium balloon, colorful flag, or kite to help your friends find you easily. Send a group text with a photo of something nearby that can help them locate you.
  • Serve food that can be room temperature, or have ways to keep it cold or hot. An inflatable baby pool or inflatable bar can be filled with ice and serving dishes set in it. If you have a power supply, take a warming tray. Crockpots are a good choice, too! Bring soups in thermoses.
  • Bring games, footballs, and activities for any kids that show up. Or for the adults to use!
  • Make sandwiches instead of grilling. Make a giant one with a loaf of French bread and then just cut it up. Make regular sized ones and wrap in foil to keep warm if needed.
  • Need a way to keep food warm? Get a Styrofoam cooler and fill it with newspaper. You could also put some hot bricks wrapped in foil in the bottom to help radiate heat. Put the hot food in (wrap it up in foil or newspaper) and it should stay warm until you’re ready to eat.
  • Bring a bunch of hand warmers and lap blankets for your guests.
  • Don’t do it all yourself! Ask partygoers to bring something. Coordinate what is being brought, so that there is a good variety of food & drink.
  • Fill an empty large laundry detergent bottle (one with a spigot) with water, and you have an instant hand washing station. (Don’t forget the soap.)

If you’re not tailgating at the game, why not tailgate at your house? Set up a DIY screen in your yard and you’ve got an instant similar experience, minus the traffic. Maybe you can rent out one of our clubhouses and have a blast with your friends. Whatever your plans, we hope you have an amazing fall. Remember to come check out our beautiful condominiums for sale in Columbus, Ohio.