How to Enjoy the Holiday Season!

The holiday season is upon us and instead of panicking and stressing out about it, Village Communities, with condos in Columbus, Oh, has tips and tricks, recipes, decorating ideas, and stress-relieving ideas to help you enjoy the season.


  • These appetizers will feed a crowd. Some are simple, making prep a breeze.
  • Turkey recipes for those of us that don’t have one we love!
  • Quick and Easy recipes can help you spend less time in the kitchen. (Check out the cinnamon roll bread pudding recipe!)
  • This link to Allrecipes has everything you need to cook to your heart’s content for any holiday!


  • Instead of cooking all of the food for a party or dinner, let the store do it for you and buy some prepared dishes and appetizers. Purchase veggie and appetizer trays, sandwich platters, and desserts.
  • Create a plan for everything so you aren’t trying to finish everything the day of the holiday. Decorate ahead of time, shop for food several days before, bake a couple days prior, make food that can be reheated the day before and set the table, and do the last bit of cooking the day of. This way you can actually relax and not be stressed.
  • Let people contribute food, decorations, drinks, or anything else they want to bring. You don’t have to do everything!
  • Love having homemade cookies, but don’t want to spend hours making them? Get your friends together and bake together. Or host a cookie exchange and just trade cookies.
  • If you are offering drinks for your party, skip the full bar and the cost that comes with it, and offer beer, wine, and a tasty punch or cocktail that can be made ahead of time.
  • Getting a real Christmas tree? These tips could help you with buying one, taking care of it, and removing it.
  • We found this Thanksgiving chart that will have you organized in no time.
  • Need to take a hostess gift to a party? Buy multiples of something you know other people would love and store. Then when that party invite comes, you don’t have to spend time shopping.


  • We absolutely love these Thanksgiving ideas for decorating with natural fall décor from Real Simple. Fall Decor
  • Use what you have! Not everything has to go together perfectly or even be in what we think of as holiday colors. Create your own palate of colors and decorations. Save those limbs that are cut off from the Christmas tree and place on the mantel or table. Nestle some ornaments or pinecones and you’ve got it.
  • Click on this gallery for easy decorating ideas. We found some really interesting and easy ideas.
  • We love some of these fun ideas in this HGTV gallery.


  • Take time to just relax! Play a game, go sledding, or just take a walk. Holidays are for gathering with friends and family.
  • Don’t have your holiday party on the day, but do it before or after. Your family or friends might find it hard to get together on the actual day, so have a post-holiday party instead! Turn it into a white elephant party and everyone can bring that one present…
  • Don’t throw a big dinner or fancy party. Order pizza or just have appetizers, play games, or watch a holiday classic movie!
  • Gather your family and head out to see holiday lights, a play, or anything your family likes to do. Head to a restaurant afterward and no one has to cook or clean. Just be sure to tip well, since they are doing the work for you.
  • The day after a holiday, get together with your female relatives or friends and head to a spa for the full treatment.
  • Know that whatever you do is just fine. Don’t put pressure on yourself to have everything be perfect.
  • Don’t forget to exercise. Your mind and body will thank you and you’ll reduce stress.
  • Practice the “stop and smell the roses” theory, or in this case, the smell of pine trees, cinnamon, cookies baking, candles burning, and fresh air. Keep things in perspective.

No matter what holidays you are celebrating this season, spend time taking care of yourself. If you want to take a break from the craziness, come visit us and see what we can offer you in a new condo. Happy holidays and have the best ones ever!