Maintenance Free Living At Its Finest

To maintain is tough work.  Between work, family, travel and daily adventures we understand that finding time to shovel snow, mow the lawn, care for flowers or even worry about your curb appeal just becomes a chore.

That’s why at Village Communities, your number one builder of condos in Columbus, Ohio, we do it for you.  One of the many reasons our owners share with us that they choose Village is because of the many different ways they are able to take those hours spent on maintenance and use them for more enjoyable activities.

Here are some other ways that Village helps you maintain your home:

•Lawn and Garden: it goes beyond just mowing.  Our lawn crews work to ensure the grass is green and free of weeds.  We work hard to create appealing entrances and plant flowers, trim hedges and trees each and every year.

•The clubhouse; it’s a part of your home too!  From the pool, to a place for large gatherings, many of our communities include a club house for you to use and guess what: we will maintain it for you!  No cleaning pools, painting large rooms or even having to worry paying the extra electric bills during a large party—it’s included.

•Roof and gutter maintenance: Let’s face it, no one wants to worry about the cost or deal with roofs or gutters, take that off your list of things to even have to think about, we will take care of it!

•Street lamps, sidewalks and siding—it is not your problem.  A lot of those exterior “little” things to homeownership add up.  Whether your sidewalk cracks, your driveway needs sealed, or your siding needs replaced, in a Village Community condo; no worries, we take care of all of those and so much more.  It’s no wonder we build the best townhomes in Columbus, Ohio!

Interested in how you can spend your time living life, and not caring for your home?  Contact us today and we can help share even more details on the many ways your Columbus, Ohio condominium is maintained.