Make Your Overnight Guests Feel Special

Do you love having guests stay overnight? Family or friends, you want them to feel special. Luckily, our condos for sale in Columbus, Oh have room for you to entertain and have guests overnight. But just providing a bed for them to sleep in isn’t enough. What are some special touches you can do to make your guests feel extra special? Just be careful or they won’t want to leave!


Having towels set out and the necessary toiletries in the bathroom will help your guests feel cared for. Most of us travel with what we need, but isn’t it nice to know that your host will have soap, shampoo, etc. set out in a special basket for you? Put those travel-size hotel bottles to good use! As the host, think about what you’d like to have available for you that you wouldn’t have to ask for. Make sure there is extra toilet paper available. No one wants to ask for that. Placing a few water bottles or glasses in the bathroom and beside the bed keeps your guests from having to go to the kitchen at night to find a glass.

Have the Bed Made:

This seems obvious, but having the bed ready with clean sheets sends the message that you’re glad your guests are here. If your guest sees you getting the bed ready, they may feel they’re inconveniencing you. Make sure there are extra blankets and pillows available for their comfort.

We’re Happy to See You:

There’s nothing like walking into an inviting space. What can you do to make that spare bedroom feel warm and inviting? Flowers in a vase, some magazines by the bed, a candle and lighter, or maybe some chocolates on the pillow are all special touches. Think about the room’s lighting. Is your guest a night owl or bedtime reader? Provide a lamp by the bed or chair to create good reading light. Make sure there are outlets available and accessible for charging phones and laptops. Even better, buy an inexpensive charging station so that multiple devices can charge at the same time.

Speaking of Lights:

A nightlight in the bathroom and hallway will help your guests maneuver at night. You may be used to your home at night, but your guests won’t be! And have you put off putting up blinds or curtains in the spare room? Time to get something up on the windows.

What Comes Next?

Where are your guests headed to next? Do they need a ride to the airport? If they’re on a road trip, provide some snacks and drinks for the road. Do they need to do some laundry before leaving? Many guests won’t ask you to let them do laundry or other requests, so anticipate and offer.

Staying For a Few Days:

If your guests are staying for a few days, make sure there is room in the closet (with hangers) and a drawer or two empty and ready. Some people hate living out of a suitcase, and being able to put clothes away can be the perfect welcoming touch. A luggage rack or ottoman provides a place to keep the suitcase off the floor and out of the way. How about a robe and slippers? Most of us don’t pack those items, but wouldn’t that make them feel extra special? If your guests are going to come and go, provide a house key, and let them know the Wifi password, garage code, and alarm code.

Food and Drink:

Know your guests favorites and make sure to have them on hand. Let them know that they’re welcome to get food and drinks without having to ask. If everyone gets up at different times, have ready to go breakfast items available. Fruit, yogurt, pastries, juice, and freshly made coffee are easy go-tos. Set out dishes, silverware, and glasses the night before so no one has to dig through your cupboards. If you can, plan meals ahead of time with your guests so that you know of any preferences or dietary restrictions they might have.

A little planning and thought can go a long way to making your guests feel like they are being pampered. You don’t have to go crazy, but even a few of these ideas will make the difference. Many of our Village Communities’ condos have large second bedrooms that would make perfect getaways for your guests. Visit us to see for yourself!