Security Systems – 3 Key Tips

We all want to feel secure in our homes and we know to lock doors and windows, don’t broadcast on FB when we’re gone, and keep an eye out for anything suspicious in our neighborhoods. But do you need or want a security system for added security? Break-ins happen every day at about a rate of once every 13 seconds. At Village Communities, with condos in Columbus, Oh, we get asked that question time and time again. We’ve done the research and have some key tips to help you decide if you want or need one for your home.

Insurance and Security:
A security system can give you peace of mind. When it is set off, the company will call to check on you and your home. The police will be dispatched, and your home checked out. If you have fire alarms, heat sensors, or other features, the appropriate people will be sent to your home. In addition, most homeowners’ policies will offer a discount for having a system installed and activated. Added security can happen if many of your neighbors also have security systems. Break-ins aren’t as likely when many people have systems, since they are a successful crime deterrent and police may be more readily available in those neighborhoods.

Reduce Loss:
No system can protect you 100%, but the point of the system is to prevent loss. In a home that has a system and it is set off, the noise and anticipation of the police arriving means less could be taken. Having a system installed means that you are aware the minute a break-in occurs, not when you get home hours later and your home has been cleaned out. In addition, when you set your alarm, it reminds you if doors or windows are open, which is a dream entry for a burglar.

An alarm system is only useful when used correctly. Everyone needs to know how to set it and turn it off. Anyone that’s in your home, like a babysitter or grandparents, when you aren’t, needs to know the protocol if it goes off and the company calls. Do they need a password or set of directions to follow? Is it operated from a smartphone?

Systems can be expensive, so do your due diligence and shop for what will work for you. Most companies charge a monthly service fee that can go from very basic to very high-tech. Are you looking for a system just for possible break-ins or do you want fire, carbon monoxide, surveillance, or automation items? Just having a sign or camera visible can deter a criminal.

When considering a system, think about these things.

  • What’s your peace of mind worth in regards to your family and your possessions?
  • How will the system work for you?
  • If you don’t think you want one  - what are the costs of replacing stolen items or repairs needed to your home in the event of an intrusion?
  • What kind do you want? Do you need a smartphone to help operate it or one that is only operated from inside your home?

At Village Communities, we want you and your family to be as safe and secure as possible. We build condos with that in mind. Visit us to learn more about condo life!